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Michael Kurzewski

M3090 - LT Shun Hing Lecture Theatre
My final year project explores various topics in procedural modeling. These topics brought me to the conceptualization of my project: How can I procedurally generate building assets for use in 3D animation or other 3D applications? I set out to develop a procedural architecture system. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching these topics and applying what I have learnt in my own asset. I have implemented my solution in Houdini and have used Houdini Engine to bring the digital asset into Maya. The process has taught me a lot and ignited a definite interest in various aspects of procedural networks for use in animation or visual effects. I went on to create a short animation sequence to put on display the buildings generated by the asset.

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LEE Ka Kei

LAM Tsz Ki

YUEN Man Kwan

YAU Po Ting

WONG Renee
Michael Kurzewski