Drifting / Jamais Vu / Otherworldly (晃蕩·飄飄然·恍如隔世)

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WANG Shuxin

M3090 - LT Shun Hing Lecture Theatre
This work is an experimental video focusing on personal memory documentaries and research. It will be aresearch and exploration centered on self-experimentation. It will use art as a ritual to find self-memory andstimulate the potential dynamic self through objects that evoke memory and reflection on art. It will connect thespiritual and natural worlds of the self by time and space, rather than simply defining or labeling oneself. Pickingup the self that has no fear and dares to express. Through the exchange of experimental videos, I bring positivethoughts and reactions to myself and the viewer to trigger a new sense of memories and give an account ofmemories so that they can have a way to sustain and exhibit a new perception of me to myself or others.

Photos of Drifting / Jamais Vu / Otherworldly