18th SIG

Spirit Crescendo: Flow Reverberates


Exhibition Information

14th - 24th June 2024
11:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Singing Waves Gallery and M3090, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityU, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong.
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Opening Ceremony
Opening Ceremony & Guided Tour by Exhibition Producer

SIG sincerely invites the public and the media to attend the opening ceremony of "Playful Media Show Case 2024", guest lecture, alumni sharing, producers guided tours, and exhibition visits. We look forward to your coming!

14th June 2024 (Friday)
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Multimedia Theatre (M1060), 1/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityU, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong.
Guest Lecture
Creating Delightful User Experiences by Prof Andrés Lucero

Playfulness is a mindset that infuses everyday activities with a sense of frivolity, purposelessness, and whimsy. Over the past decade, Prof Lucero has explored how playfulness can be harnessed to craft meaningful and memorable experiences for users. Playful features that engage in games can also enhance the enjoyment and quality of diverse products, elevating the overall user experience and commercial value. In this lecture, Prof Lucero will discuss theoretical and empirical insights into designing and evaluating playful experiences.

14th June 2024 (Friday)
3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Screening Theatre (M1052), 1/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityU, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong.
Lecture Link
Creating Delightful User Experiences
Guest Lecturer
Prof Andrés Lucero,associate professor of interaction design at Aalto University in Finland.
Andrés Lucero isan associate professor of interaction design at Aalto University in Finland.With a background in visual communication and human-computer interaction, his work focuses on novel interaction techniques for mobile and interactive technologies. Lucero has published extensively on design, HCI, and the role of play. Prior to Aalto, he was a senior UX researcher at Nokia and an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark. He is currently a distinguished speaker of the ACM.
(Photo courtesy of Prof Andres)
Alumni Sharing
Alumni Sharing: Developing an Art Career by Mak2

Embarking on an art career often feels like a journey filled with challenges, where perseverance is critical. In Mak2's experience, breaking into the art world required determination and resilience, traits many in the field echoed. In "Developing an Art Career", Mak2 reflects on how her encounters within the art community have influenced her creative path. Sharing personal anecdotes and lessons learned, Mak2 offers insights into the transformative journey from a student to where she is today. Join her as she recounts the highs, lows, and invaluable experiences shaping her artistic trajectory.

14th June 2024 (Friday)
4:45 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Screening Theatre (M1052), 1/F, Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, CityU, 18 Tat Hong Avenue, Kowloon Tong.
(Credit to DE SARTHE Gallery)
Mak2 was bornin 1989 in Hong Kong, China. She received her Bachelor of Arts from the School of Creative Media, City University of Hong Kong in 2013. her practice contemplates 21st-century issues by studying philosophy, art history, culture, shifting socio-political environments, the Internet, and new technology. The aesthetic experience she crafts is bound by the dualism of humor and intense curiosity. She creates, installations, paintings, drawings, video work, Youtube videos, stand-up comedy routines, and Instagram filters.Mak2 is well known for her iconic triptych on canvas series Home Sweet Home (2019-) as well as conceptual installations such as You Better Watch Out (2017), which was included in an exhibition presented by MoMA PS1 and K11 Art Foundation and Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy (2024), a 7.5-meter-tall artwork created for Encounters at Art Basel Hong Kong.Mak2 lives and works in Hong Kong.
(Photo courtesy of Mak2.)

About 18th SIG Playful Media Showcase 2024 —
Spirit Crescendo: Flow Reverberates

Playful Media 2024 is an annual student showcase organized by the Special Interest Group (SIG) from the School of Creative Media (SCM), City University of Hong Kong (CityU). SIG was founded in 2005. Playful Media Showcase has become a featured event since 2007 and has been receiving great success. Until now, SIG has successfully organized 17 Playful Media exhibitions, providing an opportunity for SCM students to reveal their creative practice to the public and the creative industry. This year, SIG proudly presents its 18th showcase, "Spirit Crescendo: Flow Reverberates", which carries forward the artistic spirit of previous Playful Media showcases - one defined by boundless creativity and limitless expression. If each artist and SIG committee member flows individually, they are like narrow streams. Yet when we are present as one, our spirit carries through the plethora of artworks and the exhibition, making like an outpouring that reverberates and seamlessly falls into unison, combining as tiny streams and joining as a large river, actualizing more possibilities as a stronger united entity.
Playful Media 2024 will mainly be exhibiting artworks from the digital media, mixed media, games, animations, and interactive installation categories, reflecting students' cross-disciplinary artistic practices.



Chung Chin Hang Jasper

DungeonVenture is a 3D top down dungeon crawler game. Players unlock adventurers and equipment asthey explore the dungeons of the Phólos and finish quests in the year of 2079. Players will faceMechanical creatures and Corrupted raiders, unravel the secret of Phólos and save the world.


HO Kit Yu Abby, LEE Chun Yip, HO Tsz Lok, YUNG Suet Ying

Undaunted is a 3D party game, that supports up to 4 players local multiplayer experience, where playersplay as members of Undaunted, collaborate to craft weapons, fight off the monsters, survive, defend thebase, and rescue the Kingdom from the invasion of Dark Lord.

Billie's Escape Airpod

Sin Wing Pong, Tsang Hing Chor

This is a 3D animation made from Blender.Billie's ears were consistently uncleaned and he is not aware of it. HisAirPods accumulated a significant amount of earwax.Finally one day, the one of the Airpods made the decision to escape.

Voices In My Head

Felix Konerding, Dreisty Gurung, WU Chengyu, JIANG BaoLin

The human voice is one of the first things we hear, and one of the first things that is heard of us — thisblack and white abstract animation focuses on various sounds the voice produces and creates anabstract landscape of impressionist sounds and images, using a mix of digital and analogue, 2d and 3dtechniques.

Shapes of Tea

Qiu Yuhao, So Ting To

Body tracking is used to detect the player's hands during the tea-making process, and animation is usedto enhance the immersive experience. I hope more people can understand tea culture and connect uniqueproducts from China and the West. Therefore it can be used as a relevant art in tourism and education.

Sculpting Synesthesia: A Multi-Sensory Journey through Sound and Form

Chung Cheuk Ki

Synesthesia is a unique experience I had. When I listen to music, I hear colors and movements. It is hardto explain this experience to others. So I place my experience in front of the audience with three sets oforiginal soundtracks and installations. The audience can see and feel the texture of the installations, andlisten to their designated soundtracks to experience the uniqueness of synesthesia.

Figure of Faculae


MITOSIS/NEUROTRANSMISSION are theatrical extensions of the FIGURE OF FACULAE series,which aims to discover the aesthetic value of symbols and schematic diagrams of scientific theories.Taking the two fundamental biological processes in a creature as motivation, this project attempts toshow the conceptual beauty of artificial micro-scientific landscape and further form a semiotic abstractnarrative in conjunction with the macro-state of growth and corporeal existence.MITOSIS— “Through this perfect and flawless process of splitting, we have been cobbled to becomethe broken and mutilated bodies.”NEUROTRANSMISSION— “Through this autoregulation, we are operating non-autonomously.”

A Forgotten Neighbour

Felix Konerding

I used infrared photography to highlight certain aspects of the Hong Kong landscapes or cityscapes by makingthe local plants and nature stand out in a unique way that is only possible with this medium. To achieve this, Iemployed various techniques and formats such as 35mm film, 120mm medium format film, and digitalphotography.

《鈴動Soul Ringer》

Leung Hoi Dick

《鈴動 Soul Ringer》計劃,為第 11 屆 ASP 動畫支援計劃入圍作品之一。動畫故事講述:女主角作爲步伐重複的社會當中一員,每天只有工作。有天,女主角在上班的路上遇見橘貓,此時,不再隨波逐流的種子埋在女主角的心中。隨著女主角失去工作,開始引起心中的不安和對生活的思考......《鈴動 Soul Ringer》核心團隊由 7 名學生組成,主要都是 Creative Media 不同年級的學生,以及部分其他院校的學生。我希望展示《鈴動 Soul Ringer》整個計劃的内容包括:一條 7 分多鐘 2D cel 動畫、多張動畫幕後素材、場景設計稿、動畫原稿等、一本動畫設定集、兩隻動畫角色 3D PRINTING 雕塑、一張動畫原創音樂 CD ALBUM、一張工作人員名單等。我希望以展覽方式展示衆多不同媒介的創作、以及其背後介紹。